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Oskar Schlemmer

Painter, Commercial artist (male), Watercolourist (male), Pastel artist (male), Draughtsman, Writer (male) and College professor (male)

1888 in Stuttgart
1943 in Baden-Baden

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1903-1905 trains as a commercial artist. 1906 scholarship student at Stuttgart's art school, the Akademie der Bildenden Künste. Friendships with Willi Baumeister and Otto Meyer-Amden. 1910-1911 extended stay in Berlin. 1912 master pupil under Adolf Hölzel at the Stuttgart Academy. 1913 establishes the 'Neuer Kunstsalon am Neckartor' together with his brother Wilhelm. 1914 military service. 1919 founds with Willi Baumeister the 'üecht Group'. 1920 marries Helena Tutein (called Tut). Encounter with Paul Hindemith. Appointment at the Bauhaus in Weimar. 1923 director of the theatre workshop there, and in 1925-1929, after the school's move to Dessau, teaches the theatre class. 1929-1931 teaches at the fine and applied arts school, the Akademie für Kunst und Kunstgewerbe, in Breslau. 1930 stay in Paris. 1932 moves to Berlin and teaches at that city's art and applied art school. 1933 temporarily moves to Mannheim to deal with the estate of his friend Otto Meyer-Amden. 1934 visits Ernst Ludwig Kirchner in Davos. 1935 becomes a friend of Julius Bissier. 1936 meets Max Ernst.

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