The Fishermen, Fernand Léger
Fernand Léger
The Fishermen
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Fernand Léger

The Fishermen, 1921

60 x 91 cm
Physical Description
Oil on canvas
Inventory Number
Acquired in 1976 as a gift from the Imprimatur Gemeinnützige GmbH Frankfurt am Main and Werner Wirthle
On display, 1st upper level, Modern Art, room 13


About the Work

With a few colours and geometric shapes, Léger created an image of modern mankind in a mechanised world. Depicted are three faceless figures, which only the title reveals to be fishermen, in a seemingly unnatural landscape. Léger was convinced of the industrialisation’s positive effects. He wanted to depict the hitherto altered society of the early 20th century and developed a formal language following Cubism: figures, objects and pictorial spaces are composed of simple, curved shapes and tubes (French: “tubes”); this is why Léger’s work is also referred to as “tubism”.

About the Acquisition

This painting made its way into the museum in 1976 as a gift from the Imprimatur foundation. The Imprimatur-Stiftung, Gemeinnützige GmbH was founded in Frankfurt in 1957. It owns the simple majority of the Frankfurter Societäts-Druckerei GmbH. The foundation supports young journalists and also training positions in the graphics profession in a variety of ways. It also endows a prize for excellent journalistic performance. In 1989 it affiliated with the Fazit-Stiftung.

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