Sandmühle, Günther Uecker
Günther Uecker
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Günther Uecker

Sandmühle, 1970

diameter: 300 cm
Physical Description
Sand, wood, string and electric motor
Inventory Number
Acquired in 2011 with means provided by members of the board of trustees, of the executive committee of the Freunde der Schirn Kunsthalle e.V. as well as the Städelkomitee 21. Jahrhundert, property of Städelscher Museums-Verein e.V.
On display, lower level, Contemporary Art, room 21


About the Work

Günther Uecker's gigantic apparatuses make us think of archaic activities, such as ploughing and harrowing a field. Even more, however, they remind us of the monotone repetition of a mantra, a meditative movement circling around itself. In the late 1960s, Uecker abandoned the rigorous formal language of ZERO and turned towards new content. He began to work with materials from nature, and in 1965 created his first 'Sandmill': two rods circling around a central axis. Attached to these rods are cords with knotted ends, which continuously plough through the sand. Without interruption, in constant rotation, traces are engraved in the sand and then erased again. As an observer, we can never conclude the observation of this unending movement and transformation, but can only break it off. The formation of the sand undergoes constant change, and this is precisely what interests Uecker: the demonstration of time and the changes in something which remains the same forever.


Kunst nach 1945: Günther Uecker
Im jüngsten Film unserer Reihe zur Gegenwartskunst im Städel begleiten wir den ZERO-Künstler Günther Uecker bei der Installation seiner kinetische Bodenskulptur „Sandmühle" (1970). Die Arbeit wurde auf Initiative von Mitgliedern des Kuratoriums und des Vorstandes der Freunde der Schirn und des Städelkomitees 21. Jahrhundert erworben. Bevor der Ankauf des Schirn-Freundeskreises ab Februar 2012 im Städel-Erweiterungsbau zur Aufführung gebracht wird, drehte die Sandmühle Anfang September ihre Runden in der Schirn Kunsthalle. Dort wurde sie vom mittlerweile über 80-jährigen Uecker eigenhändig aufgebaut.

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