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Barbara Klemm

Photographer (female)

1939 in Münster (Westfalen)

19 Works by Barbara Klemm


Barbara Klemm was born in Münster in 1939. Her father, the painter Fritz Klemm, introduced her to photography. After training as a photographer she moved to Frankfurt am Main, where she first worked in the photo lab at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung before becoming a photojournalist herself. From 1970 to 2004 she was the newspaper’s photo editor. She also produced portraits and photo essays on social and political issues, and her photographs were widely exhibited and published. She always captures her motifs in black and white, working all around the globe. Klemm’s works frequently have a psychological element. Some of her numerous portraits made at events from recent German history have become iconic. Barbara Klemm still lives and works in Frankfurt am Main.

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