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Jean-Jacques de Boissieu

Painter, Draughtsman, Etcher, Commercial artist (male), Printmaker and Reproduction engraver

1736 in Lyon
1810 in Lyon

26 Works by Jean-Jacques de Boissieu


Born in Lyon in 1736. Published his first etchings with views of Lyon and environs in 1758/59. 1761-64 lived in Paris. Came to know painters and graphic artists such as G. Wille, J.-B. Greuze, and Vernet. Encouraged by such already important collectors as Mariette and Watelet. In 1765/66 he accompanied the art-loving duke of la Rochefoucault on a visit to Italy. In 1771 he settled in Lyon for good. His extensive oeuvre of seemingly modest ambition but remarkable stylistic consistency can be considered an example of the bourgeois concept of art that was becoming increasingly clearly defined. He died in Lyon in 1810.

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