Vue du pont de la Guillotière à Lyon, Jean-Jacques de Boissieu
Jean-Jacques de Boissieu
Vue du pont de la Guillotière à Lyon
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Jean-Jacques de Boissieu

Vue du pont de la Guillotière à Lyon, 1760

191 x 338 mm
Physical Description
Watercolour over brown ink on ribbed laid paper
Inventory Number
Object Number
1012 Z
Can be presented in the study room of the Graphische Sammlung (special opening hours)


About the Acquisition

In March 1815, the Frankfurt businessman and banker Johann Friedrich Städel bequeathed his entire fortune and art collection to a foundation which was to be named after him: the 'Städelsches Kunstinstitut'. However, he also dedicated the foundation to the citizens of Frankfurt immaterially, wishing it to be an "adornment and of practical use" to Frankfurt's citizenry. He was thus the first ordinary citizen in the German-speaking region to found a public art museum: the present-day Städel Museum. When he died, his collection comprised 476 paintings, some 4,600 drawings, almost 10,000 printed graphics and valuable books.

Work Data

Basic Information

Vue du pont de la Guillotière à Lyon (Original Title)
Title Translation
View of the Pont de la Guillotière in Lyon
Period Produced
Object Type
Physical Description
Watercolour over brown ink on ribbed laid paper
Geographic Reference
Production Reason
Label at the Time of Manufacture
Monogrammiert und datiert unten links (mit der Feder in Schwarzbraun): DB [ligiert].f. 1760; bezeichnet auf dem alten Passepartout unten (mit der Feder): Vue Du pont de la Guillotiere a Lion De Boissieu 1760.
Captions Added Later
Verso unten rechts Stempel des Städelschen Kunstinstituts, Frankfurt am Main (Lugt 2356), mit zugehöriger Inventarnummer
  • Nicht geprüft
Work Catalogues
  • Perez (2018) 59

Property and Acquisition

Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main
Picture Copyright
Public Domain

Work Content

Motifs and References


  • 25I14511 bridge in city with structures, i.e. shops, houses, e.g. Ponte Vecchio in Florence
  • 61F(PONT DE LA GUILLOTIÈRE) names of historical buildings, sites, streets, etc. (PONT DE LA GUILLOTIÈRE)
  • 61D(RHÔNE) geographical names of countries, regions, mountains, rivers, etc. (RHÔNE) (RHÔNE)
  • 25H213 river
  • 61E(LYON) names of cities and villages (LYON)
  • 46CC21 ships (in general) - CC - more than one ship
  • 43C128 fisherman
  • 46C2235 warehouse (~ harbour)
  • 46C14 animal traction, animal-drawn vehicle (carriage etc.)
  • 31A27113 strolling
  • 25H114 low hill country

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