Uwe Bohm Urkinski, Jonathan Meese
Jonathan Meese
Uwe Bohm Urkinski
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Jonathan Meese

Uwe Bohm Urkinski, 1998

150 x 117 cm
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Acquired in 2007 as a gift from the artist, property of Städelscher Museums-Verein e.V.
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About the Work

Jonathan Meese does not order things. The viewer’s gaze compulsorily follows what is shown without a sense of hierarchy: images of Claudia Schiffer, Charles Bronson, Barbarella and Che Guevara blend with handwritten sayings, the name of Caligula and those of the eponymous actors Uwe Bohm and Klaus Kinski, along with the artist’s photographs. Only superficially disparate, they are all linked by their background as part of pop culture. As “Urkinski” and “Urbronson”, as a silkscreen print that has been reproduced a million times, as advertising photography or even as a self-creating artist individual, they have long since established themselves in our cultural awareness. “Overkill Instead of Reduction” is the premise behind the work process in which, during the course of (constantly escalating) attrition warfare, the artist allows the individual pictorial elements to compete with each other until they cancel each other out and only one thing remains: “The Dictatorship of Art”.


Kunst nach 1945: Jonathan Meese
In unserer Filmreihe stellen wir regelmäßig Werke aus der Sammlung „Kunst nach 1945" im Städel Museum vor. Im aktuellsten Film fordert Jonathan Meese einen Paradigmenwechsel und ruft die Diktatur der Kunst aus. Seine revolutionären Ideen demonstriert der Künstler anhand seiner Arbeiten „UWE BOHM URKINSKI" und „DER ANTINOSTALGISCHE KNÜPPEL AUSM SACK (Die DIKTATUR der Kunst tickt)", aus der Sammlung des Städel Museums. http://www.staedelmuseum.de/de

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