Still Life with Fruit and Lobster, Pieter de Ring
Pieter de Ring
Still Life with Fruit and Lobster
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Pieter de Ring

Still Life with Fruit and Lobster, ca. 1655 – 1660

72.2 x 60 x 0.6 cm
Physical Description
Oil on oak wood,, at top an original addition to the support, beveled at bottom and on both sides, partially thinned
Inventory Number
SG 999
Acquired in 1940.
Not on display


About the Work

A Chinese porcelain dish with fruits, a lobster, wine in a rummer and a tall flute glass are the main elements in this composition, as well as being the ingredients and accessories for a delicious meal. The overall message of this picture could be the "praise of wine", since the wine and the vessels required for it rise above all the other delicacies. Moreover, the painter has placed a laurel wreath around the rummer. Only the ring beside the lobster is unusual in such a magnificent still life. It is, however, the "speaking" signature of the artist.

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