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Pieter de Ring

Still-life painter (male), Painter and Flower painter (male)

ca. 1615 / 1620 in Leiden (oder Ypern)
1660 in Leiden

2 Works by Pieter de Ring


Born in Leiden or Ypern around 1615-1620, Pieter de Ring was a son of Daniel de Ring and Magdalena van Hoecke from Ypern. In his youth he worked as an assistant to a stonecutter, then moved to Leiden to work for Jan Alensoon, a house painter from Zwolle, who apprenticed him to Jan Davidsz. de Heem (1606-1683). By the time de Heem moved to Antwerp in 1635 or 1636, de Ring must have completed his training, unless he followed de Heem to Antwerp. According to varied accounts, dated works of his are known beginning in 1647, and the latest were done in 1660, the year of his death. On 18 March 1648, he was inducted into the newly founded Guild of St Luke in Leiden. In Ypern, not long before 10 September 1657, he met with his uncle and former legal guardian Jan van Hoecke, who promised to pay him his inheritance from his mother. He died in Leiden on 22 September 1660. De Ring painted sumptuous still lifes with eating utensils, fruit, flowers, books and musical instruments that are indebted to works by De Heems from his Antwerp period.

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