Schwarze Zumalung, Arnulf Rainer
Arnulf Rainer
Schwarze Zumalung
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Arnulf Rainer

Schwarze Zumalung, 1960

124 x 125 cm
Physical Description
Oil on hardboard
Inventory Number
SG 1255
Acquired in 1984 as a gift from Josef Buchmann
Not on display


About the Acquisition

The real estate agent Josef Buchmann is one of the Main metropolis’s most dedicated art patrons – in 2011 he received the Frankfurt plaquette of honour. He has provided more than 300 scholarships for study in Frankfurt and Tel Aviv and funded children’s aid organisations and hospitals in both cities. Buchmann came to war-ravaged Frankfurt as an orphan at the age of fourteen. In the early 1950s he founded the Varieté Imperial, a cabaret which hosting Josephine Baker, among others. He launched his first major real estate projects in 1965.

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