Rinaldo and Armida in the Magic Forest, Anton Kern   attributed
Anton Kern
Rinaldo and Armida in the Magic Forest
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Anton Kern attributed

Rinaldo and Armida in the Magic Forest, 1730 – 1738

58.0 x 81.7 x 0.4 cm
Physical Description
Oil on wood
Inventory Number
Acquired in 1963
Not exhibited


About the Work

Armida, an ally of the Saracens, has fallen desperately in love with the heroic crusader Rinaldo. She has bewitched him and abducted him to her enchanted island. Freed from the allure by his companions, Rinaldo now wants to break the next spell. He enters an enchanted forest over which Armida has cast a spell, and she once again attempts to seduce him. As the raised shield and brandished sword indicate, this time Rinaldo remains steadfast. He breaks the magic spell she has cast over the forest and thus provides the army of crusaders with wood as material for their conquest of Jerusalem. Torquato Tasso's epic 'La Gerusalemme liberata', set at the time of the Crusades, provides the literary basis for this picture, which remains full of charm despite the dramatic elements. The story was used in a variety of ways in Baroque music theatre and also in painting. Anton Kern, to whom this panel painting is ascribed, was a native of Bohemia and worked with Giovanni Battista Pittoni in Venice and, from 1741 onwards, as a court painter in Dresden.

Work Data

Basic Information

Rinaldo and Armida in the Magic Forest
Period Produced
Object Type
Physical Description
Oil on wood

Property and Acquisition

Picture Copyright
© Städel Museum
Acquired in 1963

Work Content

Motifs and References

Main Motif
Persons Shown
Associated Persons and Institutions
Illustrated Passage
  • Torquato Tasso: La Gerusalemme liberata, Kapitel 16, 14. Gesang


  • 45C13(SWORD) hacking and thrusting weapons: sword
  • 45C19(SHIELD) protective weapons: shield
  • 46A1251 page, footboy
  • 46C13141 horse
  • 45C14(LANCE) helved weapons, polearms (for striking, hacking, thrusting): lance
  • 48CC75 making music; musician with instrument - CC - out of doors
  • 41D27 drapery, draped garment, 'Gewandgebung'
  • 48CC7312 viola, violoncello; double bass - CC - out of doors
  • 48CC73512 clarinet, bassoon, oboe, shawm - CC - out of doors
  • 25H151 deciduous forest

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