Portrait of the Painter Jakob Nussbaum, Ottilie W. Roederstein
Ottilie W. Roederstein
Portrait of the Painter Jakob Nussbaum
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Ottilie W. Roederstein

Portrait of the Painter Jakob Nussbaum, 1909

87 x 61 cm
Physical Description
Oil on canvas
Inventory Number
SG 135
Acquired in 1910 with funds provided by the Pfungst-Stiftung
Not on display


About the Work

The portrait shows Ottilie W. Roederstein’s friend and colleague Jakob Nussbaum. The brush and his palette clearly identify him as a painter. The painting is characterised by free brushwork and bright colours. In the same year, Nussbaum produced a portrait of Roederstein, in which he captured her life-size in a summer landscape; this work is also in the collection of the museum (Inv. SG 243). Roederstein and Nussbaum were active together in the Frankfurt-Cronberg artists’ association, which was influenced by painting en plain air as the French Impressionists did. They aimed at promoting it in Germany as well. This influence can be clearly felt in Roederstein’s portrait of Nussbaum. At the same time, it marks the zenith and end of her Impressionist phase, as, a short time later, the artists’ association dissolved and Roederstein adopted a more objective, two-dimensional, linear style.

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