Flowers, Kees van Dongen
Kees van Dongen
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Kees van Dongen

Flowers, ca. 1910

64.9 x 64.9 cm
Physical Description
Oil on canvas
Inventory Number
SG 407
Acquired in 1926
Not on display


About the Work

The still life is watching you! An eye fixes its gaze on the viewer from the bouquet’s centre. It is hardly noticeable – so intensely do the deep red blossoms glow against the dark background. The Dutchman van Dongen lived in Paris and captivated his contemporaries with his self-confidence. His parties were as unconventional as his art. The painters of the art group “Brücke” were also enthusiastic about the dandy and his contacts in the Paris art scene. He was one of the few foreign members to be accepted into the Dresden group.

About the Acquisition

Pauline Kowarzik (née Fellner; 1852–1930) grew up in Frankfurt and received private painting and drawing lessons at a young age. In 1896, she married the Viennese sculptor and medallist Josef Kowarzik (1860–1911), who taught sculpture at the Städelschule. Together, they were very active participants of Frankfurt’s art life and closely associated with the Städel Art Institute. Due to her notable knowledge of modern art, Pauline Kowarzik was the first woman to be appointed as a member with advisory capacity in the acquisition committee of the Städtische Galerie in 1916. Kowarzik herself owned a significant collection with modern art works. When the inflation in 1926 got her into financial trouble, Pauline Kowarzik sold her private collection to the Städel for a monthly life annuity. In 1937, 18 of the 34 works were removed from the museum as part of the “Degenerate Art” confiscation operation. Nowadays, they are either lost or in other museums all over Europe. Heckel’s "Landscape in Holstein" was the only one of these works that the Städel was able to buy back.

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