Drei Figuren aus der "Schule von Athen" (Stanza della Segnatura), Raphael, Raphael;  workshop
Raphael, Raphael
Drei Figuren aus der "Schule von Athen" (Stanza della Segnatura)
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Raffael: Schule von Athen, ca. 1510/1511, Wandfresko. Stanza della Segnatura, Palazzo Apostolico, Musei Vaticani, Città del Vaticano, Rom

Raphael workshop

Drei Figuren aus der "Schule von Athen" (Stanza della Segnatura), ca. 1510 – 1512

386 x 248 mm
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4303 Z
Can be presented in the study room of the Graphische Sammlung (special opening hours)


About the Work

This sheet was acquired in 1850 – actually on account of its verso, which features a copy after Raphael. It was only when it was removed from the mount it had been glued to that Raphael’s spontaneous sketch came to light – presumably a very early idea for the Sistine Madonna in Dresden. The dynamic manner in which the Madonna moves towards the viewer is echoed in the sweeping circular curves that dominate the charcoal drawing. The large study of an arm at the right is not by Raphael.

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