Chemin: Les Portes, Daniel Buren
Daniel Buren
Chemin: Les Portes
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Daniel Buren

Chemin: Les Portes, 1985

9 Module
283 cm
283 x 141.5 cm
Physical Description
Silkscreen on fabric, wood and paint
Inventory Number
Acquired in 2016 with funds from the Städelkomitee 21. Jahrhundert, property of Städelscher Museums-Verein e.V.
On display, lower level, Contemporary Art, room 1 / 23 (hallway)


About the Work

The installation 'Les Portes' (1985) consists of Daniel Buren's characteristic stripes: precisely 8.7 centimetres wide in red and white as well as in blue and white. The stripes were applied to the fabric using the silkscreen process, and individual sections of fabric subsequently hand-painted white. The nine wall elements are arranged in sequence as gates which the visitor can walk through, thus creating a path. Buren describes his artistic work as painting at the zero point. He refuses do portrayals or even representations of real relationships, preferring instead to address painting in the context of its aesthetic and economic functionality. In addition to the negation of authorial and referential aspects, he simultaneously traces painting back to a real object, which is reflected as part of an architectural and political whole. The institutional requirements and their purpose are problematised through the artistic interventions.

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Kunst nach 1945: Daniel Buren
Daniel Buren (*1938) gibt hier eine Einführung in sein künstlerisches Schaffen und beschreibt sein Werk "Chemin: Les Portes", 1985, das sich in der Sammlung des Städel Museums befindet. Mehr Infos zum Werk gibt es in der Digitalen Sammlung des Städel Museums:

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