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Niele Toroni


1937 in Muralto

One Work by Niele Toroni


Niele Toroni was born in Muralto, near Locarno, Italy, in 1937. In 1959 he decided to become a painter and moved to Paris. With Daniel Buren, Oliver Mosset and Michel Parmentier he formed the artists’ group BMPT. Their art bears no personal signature and works with the repetition of geometric forms. Toroni first showed his works, which he calls travail/peinture, in 1967: marks from a 50-mm brush are placed at intervals of thirty centimetres on the support. The latter varies from canvas and paper to walls and floors, and though Toroni always uses the same size brush, each mark is unique. His works have been included in numerous exhibitions, for example in 1991 in the Centre Pompidou, Paris, and in 1994 in the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Toroni lives and works in Paris.

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