Assumption of Mary, Jacques Callot
Jacques Callot
Assumption of Mary
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Jacques Callot: Assumption of Virgin, in glory, hovering above apostles gathered around her tomb, ca. 1621-1635, Radierung, 90 x 68 mm. Inv. Nr. 1861,0713.177, British Museum, Department of Prints an Drawings, London (Lieure 1927.677; Meaume 1860.96)

Jacques Callot

Assumption of Mary, ca. 1631

90 x 67 mm
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1057 Z
Can be presented in the study room of the Graphische Sammlung (special opening hours)


About the Work

The drawing defines the light and dark areas with its fine washes, thus creating a pictorial structure which Callot then turned into an etching. The composition was drawn around 1631 for a single etched representation of the "Ascension of Mary" (Lieure, catalogue raisonné Callot, no. 677). A short time later Callot used it again for the last two sheets of "The Life of Mary".

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