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Arie de Vois


ca. 1632 in Utrecht
1680 in Leiden

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Arie de Vois came from a family of musicians. His father Alewijn de Voys followed his grandfather Pieter Alewijnszn. de Voys, pupil of the famous Jan Pietersz. Sweelinck, into his career as an organist. At first, he was employed at Utrecht Cathedral, where his son Arie was born around 1632. In 1636 the family moved to Leiden after Alewijn de Voys had taken up the position of organist at the Pieterskerk. According to Houbraken, he sent Arie to Nicolaes Knüpfer in Utrecht for his apprenticeship. From there he went back to Leiden and completed his training with Abraham van den Tempel. On 16th October 1653 De Vois became a member of the Guild of Saint Luke. Until the 1660s he held the office of "hoofdman" (captain) four times and the office of dean twice. His wedding with Marya van der Vecht, also from Leiden, took place on 5th February 1656. Although Houbraken reports that she was wealthy and that Arie de Vois therefore painted only one picture in the years following the marriage, numerous works from the 1660s have survived. Apparently, however, the family lived beyond their means, as financial difficulties have repeatedly been reported. Arie de Vois died in Leiden in July 1680.

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