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Michiel van Miereveld

Portrait painter and Painter

1567 in Delft
1641 in Delft

3 Works by Michiel van Miereveld


Michiel Jansz. van Miereveld was born in Delft in 1567, son of the goldsmith Jan Michielsz. van Miereveld (1528-1612). Karel van Mander gives his precise birthday as 1 May. He also names Van Miereveld's teachers, the painter "Willem Willemsz." and "Augustijn", of whom nothing further is known. According to Van Mander, the latter was a pupil of Anthonie Blocklandt, under whom Van Miereveld continued his training in Utrecht from 1581 to 1583. Shortly afterwards he returned to Delft and turned to portrait painting, orienting oriented himself stylistically by the works of Jacob Willemsz. Delff. In 1587 he joined the Guild of St Luke in Delft. In 1607 the city of Delft commissioned from him a portrait of Prince Maurice of Orange, which would form the basis of his artistic fame: as court painter to the stadtholder, Van Miereveld was sought after as a portraitist by the patricians of Delft and other Dutch cities. His fame spread as far as England, and prominent figures such as the English ambassador Sir Dudley Carlton had their portraits painted by him in The Hague. In 1625 Van Miereveld joined the Guild of St Luke in The Hague, and in that same year he was appointed official painter to the court by the stadtholder Frederick Henry. Van Miereveld died in Delft on 27 June 1641. His workshop continued to flourish under the guidance of his grandson Jacob Willemsz. Delff. Its numerous commissions could only be handled by a large operation. A few apprentices and assistants were responsible for the accessories or copies of prominent commissions. Van Miereveld's son-in-law Willem Jacobsz. (Jakobszoon) Delff (Delft) produced numerous engravings after his works. Among his pupils - in addition to his sons Pieter and Jan van Miereveld - was Paulus Moreelse, who, like Jan Anthonisz. van Ravesteyn, remained true to Van Miereveld's style.

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