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Claude Lorrain

Painter, Landscape painter, History painter (male), Marine painter, Draughtsman, Etcher and Commercial artist (male)

1604 / 1605 in Chamagne
1682 in Rome

14 Works by Claude Lorrain


Born in 1600 in Champagne (Lorraine). Moved to Rome as a young man and remained there the rest of his life. First active in the workshop of the decoration and landscape painter Agostino Tassi. Specialised in landscape painting based on studies from nature. In contrast to the classical, heroic concept of nature of his countryman Nicolas Poussin, he represents a more lyrical, idealised type of landscape. An important source for study of the art of Claude Lorrain is his 'Liber Veritatis', containing his own drawings after all of his paintings. Died in Rome in 1682.

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