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Charles Le Brun

Painter, Decorator, Decorative artist, Engraver, Commercial artist (male), Draughtsman, Sculptor (male) and Court painter

1619 in Paris
1690 in Paris

8 Works by Charles Le Brun


Born in Paris in 1619. Trained as a painter and draughtsman under Simon Vouet. As early as 1636, he was named 'Peintre du Roi'. From 1640 a stay of several years in Rome, where he was influenced by Nicolas Poussin, studied antiquities, and copied works by the Caracci, Raphael, Guido Reni, etc. Returned to Paris in 1646, and in 1648 was a co-founder of the Academy. His triumphant success began with the accession of Louis XIV. In 1662 he became 'Premier Peintre du Roi' and director of the Gobelin manufactory and the Academy. During the following twenty years, he was the dominant figure in the artistic implementation of the political program of absolutist monarchy in France. He died in Paris in 1690.

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