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François Boucher

Painter, Pastel artist (male), Draughtsman, Engraver, Commercial artist (male), Design draughtsman, Textile artist (male), Set designer (male), Art collector (male) and Tapestry maker

1703 in Paris
1770 in Paris

19 Works by François Boucher

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Born in Paris in 1703. After initial instruction in drawing by his father, he was trained in the workshop of François Lemoyne. Equally important was the influence of the art of J.-A. Watteau, thanks to his work on the 'Recueil Jullienne', the book of engravings inspired by that artist's works. Awarded the Rome Prize in 1727 and spent several years in Italy. After his return, he enjoyed a steady rise to high esteem and corresponding official offices. His major patron was Madame de Pompadour. His art can be seen in the broader sense as the quintessence of the Louis XV style. He died in Paris in 1770.

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