Untitled, Georg Baselitz
Georg Baselitz
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Georg Baselitz

Untitled, August 20, 1978

610 x 430 mm
Physical Description
Black drawing ink, blue writing ink (Pelikan), charcoal on rough wove paper
Inventory Number
SG 3357
Object Number
SG 3357 Z
Not on display


About the Work

In 1969, Georg Baselitz began depicting all of his pictorial motifs rotated by 180 degrees. He thus directed his attention not to the motif itself, but to colour, form, surface and line – as in this watercolour of upside-down bottles. While painting, he drew inspiration from, among other things, the artistic devices of the Expressionists: from Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s manner of disassembling forms and Emil Nolde’s flair for paint flowing freely across the surface of the paper.

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