The Shell of Venus, Hans Arp
Hans Arp
The Shell of Venus
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Hans Arp

The Shell of Venus, 1958

50 x 70 x 65 cm
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Deutsche Bank Collection at the Städel Museum
On display, lower level, Contemporary Art, room 7


About the Work

Characteristic of Arp's three-dimensional work is the proximity of his artworks to the organic. For him, the orientation towards nature is always in the foreground: his works are not intended to stand out, but nor should they be fully absorbed by nature. Arp creates basic forms which he then transforms into a creative new idea through minor alternations, in the same way that nature, too, creates something new with prescribed means - a principle that accentuates the creative component of a work, and which becomes immediately apparent upon contemplation of its soft, arching form. The artist's late work was influenced by both Dadaism and Surrealism. Through organically amorphous forms it moves on to a humanity which was denied many other artists after the war years.

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