The Little Garden of Paradise, Upper Rhenish Master ca. 1410/20
Upper Rhenish Master ca. 1410/20
The Little Garden of Paradise
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Upper Rhenish Master ca. 1410/20

The Little Garden of Paradise, ca. 1410 – 1420

25.6 x 32.8 cm
26.3 x 33.4 x 0.6 cm
Physical Description
Mixed technique on oak
Inventory Number
HM 54
On permanent loan from Historisches Museum Frankfurt am Main since 1922
On display, 2nd upper level, Old Masters


About the Work

In unparalleled manner, the courtly charm of the Late Gothic, so-called Soft Style unites in this work with the realistic observation of nature: twenty-four plant and twelve bird species are precisely identifiable. The artist was evidently also quite knowledgeable about the behaviour of animals. The theme is a gathering in paradise attended by the Virgin and Child and a number of saints. Elements of the sacred ‘hortus conclusus’ (‘closed garden’) – an allusion to Mary’s virginity – are skilfully combined with motifs from secular castle and love gardens.

Audio & Video

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    Basic information
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    Focus on Frankfurt
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    Focus on art history
  • Kunst|Stück – Oberrheinischer Meister: Das Paradiesgärtlein
    Sammlungshighlights des Städel Museums in unterhaltsamen und informativen Filmen – das sind die Kunst|Stücke. Entdecken Sie spannende Details zu Kunstwerken aus ungewöhnlichen Blickwinkeln in unter zwei Minuten. Oberrheinischer Meister: Das Paradiesgärtlein (um 1410–20), Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main.

Work Data

Basic Information

The Little Garden of Paradise
Period Produced
Object Type
Physical Description
Mixed technique on oak

Property and Acquisition

Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main, Dauerleihgabe des Historischen Museums Frankfurt am Main
Picture Copyright
CC BY-SA 4.0 Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main
On permanent loan from Historisches Museum Frankfurt am Main since 1922

Work Content


  • 11F4231 Madonna in the rose-garden, 'Paradiesgärtlein'
  • 41A635 fenced or walled garden; 'Hortus Conclusus'
  • 11F23 upright figures of Mary without the Christ-child
  • 11D25 Christ-child together with others
  • 49N reading
  • 31A2351 sitting on the ground
  • 11HH(DOROTHEA) the virgin martyr Dorothea of Caesarea; possible attributes: basket of roses and apples, child with basket of roses, garland of roses, roses in hand or lap
  • 11HH(CATHERINE) the virgin martyr Catherine of Alexandria; possible attributes: book, crown, emperor Maxentius, palm-branch, ring, sword, wheel
  • 11HH(BARBARA) the virgin martyr Barbara; possible attributes: book, cannon(ball), crown, cross, chalice with wafer, Dioscuros (her father), peacock feather, sword, torches, mason's tools, tower
  • 11G183 the Archangel Michael (often in armour with sword or lance)
  • 11H(GEORGE) the warrior martyr George (Georgius); possible attributes: banner (red cross on white field), (red) cross, dragon, (white) horse, broken lance, shield (with cross), sword
  • 61B2(OSWALD (König von Northumbria)) historical person (OSWALD (König von Northumbria))

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