Skizzenbuch, Friedrich Metz
Friedrich Metz
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Friedrich Metz

Skizzenbuch, September 1839

Buchblock mit Einband
165 x 241 x 31 mm
Buchblock ohne Einband
158 x 232 x 22 mm
Physical Description
Pencil on laid paper, in half cloth book covers, boards covered with marbled paper, book edges fully speckled in blue
Inventory Number
SG 2818
Object Number
SG 2818 Z
Acquired in 1942
Not on display


About the Work

In September 1839, the 19-year-old Friedrich Metz used this comparatively large landscape sketchbook with its many blank pages not only to draw various motifs with a pencil but also to press the plants he had probably collected on his trips through the vicinity of Frankfurt.

Probably on the basis of printed models, Metz first made a few anatomical studies of male body parts. Most of the following drawings in the book were probably made during expeditions which led Metz to Hofheim am Taunus, not far from Frankfurt, and to Eppstein. On these walks, he drew extensive views of landscapes and villages as well as details such as mill wheels and founder figures, crumbling brickwork and repeatedly close-up studies of gnarled tree trunks. The studies, some of which were executed with rapid strokes, others with shading strokes, were recorded on the recto pages. He only occasionally put several anatomy or tree studies on the same page.

The fact that Metz used it only for a short while may be due to its comparatively large format, which meant that the sketchbook did not fit into a jacket pocket: Metz used to carry his sketchbooks with him all his life, mainly on his travels and hikes, and to fill them in the outdoors, so he preferred convenient, stowable formats.

For a full sketchbook description, please see “Research”.

Work Data

Basic Information

Period Produced
Object Type
Physical Description
Pencil on laid paper, in half cloth book covers, boards covered with marbled paper, book edges fully speckled in blue
Geographic Reference
Production Reason
Label at the Time of Manufacture
Signiert und datiert auf dem vorderen Spiegel oben mittig (mit Bleistift): F. Metz d. 6 Septb 39.; verschiedene Notizen und Bezeichnungen des Künstlers im Buch
Captions Added Later
Auf dem vorderen Spiegel unten links Stempel der Städtischen Galerie, Frankfurt am Main (Lugt 2371c), mit zugehöriger Inventarnummer
  • Bl. 1, Bl. 6, Bl. 10, Bl. 13, Bl. 16, Bl. 23, Bl. 26, Bl. 29, Bl. 35, Bl. 36, Bl. 40, Bl. 47, Bl. 48, Bl. 55, Bl. 65, Bl. 70, Bl. 75, Bl. 76, Bl. 81, Bl. 86, Bl. 90, Bl. 93, Bl. 97, Bl. 101: S Bl. 2, Bl. 5, Bl. 9, Bl. 14, Bl. 19, Bl. 20, Bl. 25, Bl. 30, Bl. 32, Bl. 39, Bl. 43, Bl. 44, Bl. 51, Bl. 52, Bl. 66, Bl. 69, Bl. 72, Bl. 79, Bl. 82, Bl. 85, Bl. 89, Bl. 98, Bl. 102: E Bl. 3, Bl. 4, Bl. 8, Bl. 11, Bl. 12, Bl. 15, Bl. 17, Bl. 18, Bl. 21, Bl. 22, Bl. 27, Bl. 28, Bl. 31, Bl. 33, Bl. 34, Bl. 37, Bl. 38, Bl. 41, Bl. 42, Bl. 45, Bl. 46, Bl. 49, Bl. 50, Bl. 53, Bl. 54, Bl. 57, Bl. 58, Bl. 61, Bl. 62, Bl. 64, Bl. 67, Bl. 68, Bl. 71, Bl. 73, Bl. 74, Bl. 77, Bl. 78, Bl. 80, Bl. 83, Bl. 84, Bl. 87. Bl. 88, Bl. 91, Bl. 92, Bl. 95, Bl. 96, Bl. 99, Bl. 100: [Fortunafigur unter Baldachin/Band auf Weltkugel und Podest zwischen insgesamt vier Stegen]

Property and Acquisition

Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main
Picture Copyright
Public Domain
Acquired in 1942

Research and Discussion


Description / Content
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Conservation and Restoration

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