Self-Portrait with Hat, Ottilie W. Roederstein
Ottilie W. Roederstein
Self-Portrait with Hat
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Ottilie W. Roederstein

Self-Portrait with Hat, 1904

55.3 x 46.1 cm
Physical Description
Oil on canvas
Inventory Number
SG 134
Acquired in 1910 with funds provided by the Pfungst-Stiftung
Not on display


About the Work

Ottilie W. Roederstein painted this self-portrait in 1904. The broad, loose brushstrokes and the light colours have an impressionist feel to them. The painting thus illustrates the radical change in style she underwent during those years. She had just joined the Frankfurt-Cronberg Artists’ Association, whose aim was to establish Impressionist painting en plein air in Germany. In doing so, the members wanted to set themselves apart from the conservative view of art that prevailed in Frankfurt at the time. Roederstein often tried out new styles in her self-portraits. With more than eighty self-portraits, she created an unusually large body of work of this genre. The “Self-Portrait with Hat” was expressly intended for the public and she exhibited it at the Paris Salon in the year after its creation, thus presenting the public not only with herself but also with her new artistic signature. Here, she demonstrates her colouristic talent and shows herself self-confidently, with a concentrated gaze turned towards the observer. The signature “OWR” is clearly visible in the foreground.

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