Sansibar, Leni Hoffmann
Leni Hoffmann
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Leni Hoffmann

Sansibar, 2012

Physical Description
Room drawing, cable, 2 lines, 1 electrical cable
Inventory Number
Acquired in 2012
Not on display


About the Work

Our first thought might be that building workers have left behind some power cables after completing their work. Hanging from the museum ceiling, the cables now lie loosely coiled on the floor. For a random product, however, these loops are remarkably regular. Indeed: this is in fact a 'drawing in space' by the artist Leni Hoffmann. The execution of such site-specific works is characteristic of her oeuvre. 'Sansibar' consists of two yellow cables which always lie in coils but should never overlap each other - that is the concept of the work. Hoffmann has here transformed the omnipresent design element of the line into an object in space.

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