Portrait of Simon George of Cornwall, Hans Holbein the Younger
Hans Holbein the Younger
Portrait of Simon George of Cornwall
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Bodo Brinkmann, Stephan Kemperdick, Deutsche Gemälde im Städel 1500-1550 (Kataloge der Gemälde im Städelschen Kunstinstitut Frankfurt am Main, 5, hg. von Herbert Beck und Jochen Sander), Mainz 2005

Hans Holbein the Younger

Portrait of Simon George of Cornwall, ca. 1535 – 1540

diameter: 31 cm
diameter: 32.4 cm
Inklusive des rekonstruierten Rahmens
diameter: 38.8 cm
Physical Description
Mixed technique on oak
Inventory Number
Acquired in 1870
On display, 2nd upper level, Old Masters, room 2


About the Work

Hans Holbein the Younger, court painter to Henry VIII, will have encountered the country nobleman Simon George of Cornwall in London. The portrait was required for purposes of courtship, as is indicated by the carnation and the clasp on the beret. The latter depicts Leda’s union with Jupiter in the shape of a swan, thus revealing the portrait subject’s erotic intentions. Simon George not only sports a sumptuous costume tailored in the latest fashion; he also chose one of the most modern picture forms of the time: the profile likeness – derived from antique coins – in a tondo.

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Kunst|Stück – Hans Holbein D.J.: Bildnis des Simon George of Cornwall
Sammlungshighlights des Städel Museums in unterhaltsamen und informativen Filmen – das sind die Kunst|Stücke. Entdecken Sie spannende Details zu Kunstwerken aus ungewöhnlichen Blickwinkeln in unter zwei Minuten. Hans Holbein D.J.: Bildnis des Simon George of Cornwall (um 1535–40), Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main. https://sammlung.staedelmuseum.de/de/werk/bildnis-des-simon-george-of-cornwall#yt

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