Portrait of Franz Adickes, mayor of Frankfurt, Max Liebermann
Max Liebermann
Portrait of Franz Adickes, mayor of Frankfurt
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Max Liebermann

Portrait of Franz Adickes, mayor of Frankfurt, 1910

112 x 90 cm
Physical Description
Oil on canvas
Inventory Number
SG 173
Acquired in 1911
Not on display


About the Work

At the beginning of 1910, Georg Swarzenski, the Städel’s director at the time, suggested to Max Liebermann that he should paint a portrait of the then Mayor of Frankfurt, Franz Adickes (1846‒1915), who was a committed supporter of the arts and sciences. He was, for instance, significantly involved in the foundation of the Städtische Galerie, which was affiliated with the Städelsches Kunstinstitut in 1906 and was focused primarily on contemporary art. Originally, Swarzenski had intended to purchase two other works by the Berlin artist. However, his plan failed, on account of the Städtische Sammlung Purchasing Committee preferring “tamer” works. The portrait painted in Liebermann’s studio arrived in Frankfurt at the end of 1910, but it was brought back to Berlin for an exhibition at the beginning of 1911. It was probably then that Liebermann added the date “1911”.

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