Portrait of Barbara Thenn (1513-1542), Master of the Portraits of the Thenn Children, Wolf Huber;  workshop ?
Master of the Portraits of the Thenn Children, Wolf Huber
Portrait of Barbara Thenn (1513-1542)
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Master of the Portraits of the Thenn Children
Wolf Huber workshop

Portrait of Barbara Thenn (1513-1542), 1516

43.5 x 34.3 x min. 0.9 cm
maximum depth
0.9 cm
Physical Description
Mixed technique on limewood
Inventory Number
SG 1013
Acquired in 1940
On display, 2nd upper level, Old Masters, room 4


About the Work

In 1516 the Salzburg mint master Johann Thenn had portraits painted of three of his children. This picture shows his daughter Barbara in three-quarter profile at the age of about three or four. Her right arm is bent and she is holding what is probably a cherry between her thumb and forefinger. But nothing in the girl's expression gives the impression that she wants to eat the fruit. With the earnestness of a child she is gazing out of the picture to the left. In the background we can see an expanse of water, and on the horizon snow-capped peaks rise above the foothills beneath a slightly cloudy sky.

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