Portrait of a Man, Amico Aspertini
Amico Aspertini
Portrait of a Man
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Amico Aspertini

Portrait of a Man, ca. 1505 – 1506

53.5 x 43.6 x 0.9 cm
Physical Description
Lime wood
Inventory Number
Acquired in 1832
Not on display


About the Work

Against a hazy flat landscape stands a half-figure of a young man wearing a black biretta. He is dressed in a white shirt with an embroidered ornamental collar, a black doublet and a cloak, also made of fine black material, falling from the shoulder. At first sight the picture appears unpretentious, but upon closer observation the subtle representation of hand position, angle of the head and the reflective, shy gaze become evident. This sensitive character study in the tradition of Perugino and Raphael is a product of the early creative phase of the Bologna-based artist.

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