Painting on Glass II or Blue Disc, Walter Dexel
Walter Dexel
Painting on Glass II or Blue Disc
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This work consists of multiple parts

Walter Dexel

Painting on Glass II or Blue Disc, 1928

46.5 x 39.6 cm
Physical Description
Reverse painting on glass in artist frame
Inventory Number
Acquired in 2015 with means provided by the Werner Wirthle bequest
On display, 1st upper level, Modern Art, room 13


About the Work

In addition to his profession as a free artist, Walter Dexel also worked in typography and advertising. During the interwar years, his works combined ideas derived from Constructivism with a keen interest in industrial design. ‘Painting on Glass II’ is characterised by its geometric formal repertoire and its nuanced palette: red bars, a light blue semicircle and black and white hooks jointly create a complex pictorial architecture. The technique of reverse glass painting dates back to the Gothic period. It is with such abstract images that Dexel translated this traditional genre into a radically modernist form of expression.

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