Ohne Titel, Günther Förg
Günther Förg
Ohne Titel
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Günther Förg

Ohne Titel, 2006

220 x 240 cm
Physical Description
Acrylic on canvas
Inventory Number
Deutsche Bank Collection at the Städel Museum
Not on display


About the Work

Patches of colour are lined up side by side on an unprimed canvas, creating a loose, open grid structure. The scale extends from pale shades of pink via warm ochre to sombre black. The act of painting is always visible: the first point of contact between brush and canvas, the movements of the brush and the determined removal of the brush at the end - a serial process that finds new expression in each brushstroke. Förg's pictures deal with the medium of painting, the relationship between canvas and what has been painted. He administers, structures, orders the heritage of Modernism, examines the formal textures of the pictures. Their content is colour, its intensity and style. His abstract forms of colour are the smallest carriers of meaning in the picture, from which words, sentences and stories are formed: an alphabet of painting.

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