Madonna and Child, Barnaba da Modena
Barnaba da Modena
Madonna and Child
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Barnaba da Modena

Madonna and Child, 1367

117.8 x 86.2 x 1.4 cm
Physical Description
Mixed technique on poplar
Inventory Number
Acquired in 1830
On display, 2nd upper level, Old Masters, room 12


About the Work

Signed and dated 1367, this panel is one of the earliest works by its maker, an artist active in Genoa. It initially formed the central panel of a multipartite altarpiece whose remaining sections have been lost. Its original location is unknown. As seen in the green underpainting of the flesh tones and the gilding of the Virgin’s robe, the artist was still following the Italo-Byzantine icon tradition. At the same time, his rendering of the tender intimacy between mother and child demonstrates his familiarity with the Sienese and Florentine painting of the time.

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KunstIStück – Barnaba da Modena: Madonna mit Kind
Sammlungshighlights des Städel Museums in unterhaltsamen und informativen Filmen – das sind die Kunst|Stücke. Entdecken Sie spannende Details zu Kunstwerken aus ungewöhnlichen Blickwinkeln in unter zwei Minuten. Barnaba da Modena: Madonna mit Kind, 1367, Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main.
ASK AN ARTWORK – Fragen an die Kunst: Barnaba da Modena
Warum schaut die Muttergottes so skeptisch? Warum so viel Gold auf einem Gemälde? Und vor allem: Was hat ein Kunstwerk von 1367 mit uns heute zu tun? ASK AN ARTWORK! Anna antwortet 🤓 In der Serie ASK AN ARTWORK beantwortet die Kunsthistorikerin Anna Huber (Mitarbeiterin der Abteilung Bildung und Vermittlung) aus dem Home Office Fragen, die wir an die Kunst haben. Banaba da Modenas Werk "Madonna mit Kind" findet ihr in der Digitalen Sammlung das Städel Museums: Why does the Mother of Christ look so skeptical? Why all this gold on a painting? And above all: what does this picture of 1367 have to do with us today? ASK AN ARTWORK! Anna answers 🤓 In the series ASK AN ARTWORK art historian Anna Huber (Educational Department of the Städel Museum) answers the questions that we have for art. Find Banaba da Modena's "Madonna and Child" in our Digital Collection:

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