Lunar Asparagus, Max Ernst
Max Ernst
Lunar Asparagus
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Ernst, Max: Lunar Asparagus (Les Asperges de la lune), Gips, 1935, Museum of Modern Art, New York

Max Ernst

Lunar Asparagus, 1935 (casting ca. 1973 – 1974)

138.5 x 38.5 x 24.1 cm
Physical Description
Bronze, black patinised
Inventory Number
LGP 10
On permanent loan from Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main since 2010
On display, 1st upper level, Modern Art, room 7


About the Work

When Max Ernst made sculptures, he was taking a ‘holiday’ from painting. He found sculptural work “even more playful” than painting. And playful indeed is the idea of erecting two rods on a base and declaring them ‘Lunar Asparagus’. By giving them heads and ‘waists’ in the middle of the ‘bodies’, the Surrealist Ernst endowed them with anthropomorphic features. Like two bizarre night watches, the plaster figures took shape in 1935 on the balcony of the artist’s Parisian studio – by the light of the moon.

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