Interior of Antwerp Cathedral, Pieter Neefs the Younger;  workshop, Frans Francken III;  workshop
Pieter Neefs the Younger, Frans Francken III
Interior of Antwerp Cathedral
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Pieter Neefs the Younger workshop
Frans Francken III workshop

Interior of Antwerp Cathedral, ca. 1655 – 1667

60.5 x 94 x min. 0.3 cm
maximum depth
0.8 cm
Physical Description
Oil on oak
Inventory Number
Acquired in 1817 as a bequest from Johann Georg Grambs
Not on display


About the Work

Pieter Neefs the Younger was a painter of architecture who often created idealised representations of Antwerp Cathedral. Although the vast, seven-nave building has been recorded with considerable accuracy, the uniform Renaissance altar paintings are purely imaginary. Since Neefs was specialised in the portrayal of architecture, when it came to the figures in his picture, he worked together with his fellow artist Frans Francken III, another specialist, and the assistants in his studio.

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