Ground, A. R. Penck
A. R. Penck
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A. R. Penck

Ground, ca. 1975 – 1976

730 x 1020 mm
Physical Description
Watercolour on rough wove paper
Inventory Number
SG 3374
Object Number
SG 3374 Z
Not on display


About the Work

Brightly coloured amorphous elements form a dense network that also integrates jet-black signs and letters whose distinctive forms and dark hue make them stand out prominently. They have a graphic character, but may also possess symbolic meaning. A. R. Penck, a native of Dresden, devised a kind of secret code from simple signs, which he used to represent society and the tensions and social interrelationships at work within it. The artist was under surveillance in East Germany because of his political attitude and his connections to the Federal Republic, and was forced to go underground. The drawing’s title may be an allusion to that circumstance.

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