Glücksklee, Thomas Bayrle
Thomas Bayrle
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Thomas Bayrle

Glücksklee, 1969

180 x 170 x 180 cm
Physical Description
4200 milk cans
Inventory Number
LGP 19
On permanent loan from a private collection Frankfurt since 2014
On display, lower level, Contemporary Art, room 8


About the Work

Thomas Bayrle, one of the protagonists of 1960s art, embraced mass-produced industrial goods as the subject of his work. “At that time I was fascinated by them but, on the other hand, also baffled. It was crazy, how they were rolling stuff out in that kind of a canning factory. Ding, ding, ding...” The work was originally a commission piece for an advertising agency and refers to post-war Germany’s Economic Miracle: 4,200 cans represent the promise of happiness offered by condensed milk in real coffee – not the ersatz coffee of the war years. Despite the playfully absurd repetition, each part remains distinct, like the interlinking individual threads from which a cloth is made. Indeed, Bayrle, who trained as a weaver, sees the world as an expanse that is held together like a woven fabric.

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Kunst nach 1945: Thomas Bayrle
Thomas Bayrle (* 7. November 1937 in Berlin, lebt und arbeitet in Frankfurt) stellt in diesem Film der Städel-Reihe "Kunst nach 1945" verschiedene seiner Werke vor, die im Städel zu sehen sind, und erzählt, wie er bei der Entwicklung seiner künstlerischen Arbeiten vorgeht. Für Untertitel klicken Sie bitte auf das Untertitel-Symbol am rechten unteren Rand des Videos. For subtitles please click the captions icon at the bottom of the video.

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