Florence: Loggia dei Lanzi, Fratelli Alinari, Leopoldo Alinari, Romualdo Alinari, Giuseppe Alinari
Fratelli Alinari, Leopoldo Alinari, Romualdo Alinari, Giuseppe Alinari
Florence: Loggia dei Lanzi
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41.2 x 32.5 cm
64.1 x 48.8 cm
Physical Description
Albumen print mounted on cardboard
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Ancient holdings. Acquired in the 19th century
Not on display


About the Work

Along with Venice, Rome, and Naples, Florence also made a name for itself as an important centre for photography

in Italy. It was there that Leopoldo Alinari, who had trained as an engraver, set up his own business in 1852. Two years later his brothers Romualdo and Giuseppe founded a photo studio. In addition to portraits, the Alinari offered views of the city’s famous monuments which they sold primarily to tourists. In 1859, they came to international fame with reproductions of drawings by Raphael in photographs of “high artistic value”, as the Photographisches Journal reported. From that time forward, photographic reproductions of artworks, for example from the Uffizi, were a permanent feature of the family company’s product range. Still in existence today, the Alinari Archive is a unique document of Italian art and architecture.

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