Die Schere, Bruno Goller
Bruno Goller
Die Schere
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Bruno Goller

Die Schere, 1968

140 x 170 cm
Physical Description
Oil on canvas
Inventory Number
Acquired in 2015 as a gift from Michael and Karin Thoma in honour of the bicentennial of the Städel
Not on display


About the Work

The memories of the goods in his parents' cleaning shop are the dominant motif in Bruno Goller's paintings. The scissors, actually a sober object of everyday use, nevertheless originate from an intimate domestic context, but are also objects of personal experience. Goller paints "types" somewhere between an individual object and an abstract idea. The scissors are only hinted at as plastic and executed without specific details. Ornamental elements from the real environment of the object are integrated into the surrounding pictorial space. The white chair backrests in the upper third and a row of three hats at the bottom form the bracket for a drawer filled with buttons and change, from which the scissors emerge monumentally. The picture surfaces appear cut out, flat and reflect different proportions and perspectives. Thus the scissors are also symbolic of the compositional strategy on which the painting is based. In 1953 Goller was appointed professor of painting at the Düsseldorf Art Academy and taught important contemporary painters such as Blinky Palermo and Konrad Klapheck.


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