Dangerous Desire, Richard Oelze
Richard Oelze
Dangerous Desire
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Richard Oelze

Dangerous Desire, 1936

14 x 17 cm
Physical Description
Oil on paper, glued to wood
Inventory Number
SG 1251
Acquired in 1979
Not on display


About the Work

A surreal landscape expands against a deep black background. Carefully painted root-like structures take on a life of their own, grow eyes, become faces. Two hands emerge from the nothingness to hold a phallic form. 'Dangerous Wish' indulges in allusions to a sexual desire that are engraved into a bizarre landscape of the subconscious. The precise painting style of this small-format picture makes the vague shapes seem real. Oelze created this work in 1936 in Paris, where he was in close contact with protagonists of the Surrealist movement, including Max Ernst and Tristan Tzara.

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