Conflagration at Night, Johann Georg Trautmann
Johann Georg Trautmann
Conflagration at Night
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Johann Georg Trautmann

Conflagration at Night, 1762 – 1769

37.4 x 57 x 0.8 cm
Physical Description
Oil on Walnut, reverse beveled on all sides
Inventory Number
Acquired in 1817 as a gift by Dr. Johann Georg Grambs
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About the Acquisition

"Dr. Grambs owns [...] a collection of paintings, engravings and hand drawings that exceeds all expectations. The decisive knowledge of the owner helps the visitor to quick enlightenment and a thorough insight." This is how Johann Wolfgang von Goethe described the collection of the lawyer Johann Georg Grambs (1756−1817). The lawyer had acquired his art possessions − mainly Dutch and German artists of the 17th and 18th centuries − at auctions in Frankfurt. Grambs was one of Städel's appointed administrators of the institute. The administration of the Städel Foundation had been entrusted to an independent body of five Frankfurt citizens. And like the founder himself, Grambs also left his art collection to the museum.

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