Composition, Heinz Kreutz
Heinz Kreutz
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Heinz Kreutz

Composition, August 19, 1960

490 x 610 mm
Physical Description
Watercolour, stumped and dabbed, on wove paper
Inventory Number
SG 3205
Object Number
SG 3205 Z
Acquired in 1961
Can be presented in the study room of the Graphische Sammlung (special opening hours)


About the Work

This drawing is one of the group of Parisian Watercolours Heinz Kreutz carried out in the French capital in the summer of 1960. "Composition" exhibits areas of delicate lilac, pink, blue and green as well as vibrant purple, applied so wet as to make them flow in different directions. The artist also added orange and red accents reminiscent of glowing sparks. Spots of garish green interrupt the white of the paper. After applying the paint, he spread it out with a water-soaked brush in such a way as to re-expose the surface. The transparent colour zones blend with the bright hue of the paper to form a light-flooded colour space.

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