Capri Moon, Tobias Rehberger
Tobias Rehberger
Capri Moon
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Tobias Rehberger

Capri Moon, 2011

100 x 400 cm
Physical Description
Aluminium, Stahl verzinkt, Epoxidharz-Verbundwerkstoff, UV- beständiger Industrie-Lack, Acrylglas, elektronische Steuerung, Leuchtmittel, Edelstahlseil, Kabel
Inventory Number
Acquired in 2012 as a gift from private property
Not on display


About the Work

A park bench in purist design on a circular pedestal, placed under a tree, with a large white ball above it in the crown of that tree, which begins to glow when the moon shines over Capri. Tobias Rehberger’s works move somewhere between art and design, they connect different places in the world: in this case the financial metropolis of Frankfurt with the Italian Mediterranean island, the place of longing for German vacation fantasies. By linking the most diverse places, symbols and emotions, Rehberger questions and ironizes historical and contemporary readings of Romanticism just as he seems to constantly expand and overcome the boundaries between art and design.

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