Büro, Thomas Demand
Thomas Demand
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Thomas Demand

Büro, 1995 (2007)

186 x 242 cm
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DZF 140
Collection DZ BANK at the Städel Museum
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In January 1990, citizens of the nearly defunct GDR stormed the headquarters of the Stasi, the state security services in Berlin. This picture of one of the ransacked offices was published worldwide. Thomas Demand recreated this press photo 1:1 in paper and cardboard and then took a photograph of it. A photograph thus marks both the beginning and the end of his creative process. In this way, Demand examines the reliability of our perception and of photography – giving rise to a fundamental doubt in perceived reality and the possibilities of its mediation.

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Kunst nach 1945: Thomas Demand
Im aktuellen Film unserer Reihe zur Gegenwartskunst spricht der in Berlin und Los Angeles lebende Künstler Thomas Demand über sein Interesse an Pressefotografien, an deutscher Geschichte und dem ganz alltäglichen Material Papier. Seine Arbeit „Büro" (1995) kam im Zuge der Übergabe von 220 Werken aus der DZ BANK Kunstsammlung in die Gegenwartskunst-Sammlung des Städel. Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier: http://blog.staedelmuseum.de/verschiedenes/thomas-demands-%e2%80%9cburo%e2%80%9d-1995-in-der-filmreihe-%e2%80%9ckunst-nach-1945%e2%80%b3
ASK AN ARTWORK – Fragen an die Kunst, Antworten aus dem Home Office: Thomas Demand #StaydelAtHome
Wir hoffen euer Home Office gleicht nicht Thomas Demands "Büro" - wieso herrscht dort solches Chaos? Und was hat diese Fotografie mit uns heute zu tun? In der Serie ASK AN ARTWORK beantwortet die Kunsthistorikerin Anna Huber (Bildung und Vermittlung des Städel Museums) Fragen, die wir an die Kunst haben – aus dem Home Office. Denn während der Corona-Krise kommt das Städel Museum zu euch: #StaydelAtHome Findet Thomas Demands Werk "Büro" in der Digitalen Sammlung: https://sammlung.staedelmuseum.de/de/werk/buero We hope your current home office doesn't look anything like Thomas Demand's "Office". Why is everything in chaos? And what does this photography have to do with us today (no, it's not your messy office ;)? In the series ASK AN ARTWORK art historian Anna Huber (Educational Department of the Städel Museum) answers the questions that we have for art – from home office. Because during the Corona-Crisis, if you can’t come to the Städel Museum, then the Städel Museum will come to you: #StaydelAtHome Find Thomas Demand's "Office" in our Digital Collection: https://sammlung.staedelmuseum.de/en/work/buero

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