Adam and Eve, Franz von Stuck
Franz von Stuck
Adam and Eve
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Franz von Stuck

Adam and Eve, ca. 1920

98 x 93.7 cm
Physical Description
Tempera on wood
Inventory Number
SG 1156
Acquired in 1955 as a gift from Adolf and Luisa Haeuser
On display, 1st upper level, Modern Art, room 6


About the Work

This Fall of Man does not take place in Paradise. It has grown out of the pitch-black mental states of Franz von Stuck. In a gently arching contrapposto, the bodies of Adam and Eve step out on to the stage in the foreground of the painting. The serpent writhes around Eve's leg, gains possession of her groin, clambers up her outstretched arm and finally bites the apple she is holding in her slender fingers. The red-haired woman gazes longingly at Adam from the shadows. His gesture points back at her body. Sin, lust, decadence - the current state in which Munich's "Painter Prince" finds himself is visualised here symbolically.

About the Acquisition

As legal counsel for the Farbwerke Hoechst, Privy Councillor Adolf Haeuser made a fortune. In keeping with their will, after the death of Adolf Haeuser in 1938 and his wife, Luisa, in 1953, their property was divided up among several foundations whose establishment was likewise stipulated. One was the Adolf und Luisa Haeuser-Stiftung für Kunst- und Kulturpflege. Since that time, this foundation has acquired several paintings which are on view at the Städel in the form of loans. The museum also received paintings from the couple’s private estate.


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  • Focus on religion
  • Exhibition “Battle of the Sexes: Franz von Stuck to Frida Kahlo” (2016)

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