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Lucas van Uden

Landscape painter, Painter, Etcher, Commercial artist (male) and Draughtsman

1595 in Antwerp
1672 in Antwerp

9 Works by Lucas van Uden


The landscape painter Lucas van Uden was born on 18th October 1595 as the son of the Antwerp city painter Artus van Uden and his wife Joanna Tranoy. He probably learned from his father, in whose workshop he is said to have initially worked as a gilder and barrel painter. In addition, he supplied the Antwerp carpet and silk weaving mill of his grandfather Peter van Uden with landscape designs. He is registered as a master's son in the Antwerp Guild of Saint Luke in 1626/27. On 14th February 1627 he married Anna van Woelput. According to the documents he was not a resident in Antwerp on 31st December 1649 and stayed the following year in another city, possibly in Brussels. In the Liggeren of the Antwerp Guild of Saint Luke two pupils are listed for Van Uden in 1640/41 and Philips Augustijn Immenraet in 1641/42, who later specialised in Italian landscapes. Jean Baptiste Bonnecroy and the sons of Van Uden were also apprentices with him without being officially registered. Van Uden's brother Jacob as well as his son and grandson were also painters in Antwerp. Lucas van Uden died on 4th November 1672 and, like his wife who died in 1667, was buried in the St. James' Church, Antwerp. Van Uden made small-format copies of Rubens' landscapes or borrowed individual motifs from them. A collaboration in the Rubens workshop similar to that of Jan Wildens, however, cannot be proven.

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