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Jan van Os

Painter, Fruit painter (male), Flower painter (male), Still-life painter (male) and Marine painter

1744 in Middelharnis
1808 in The Hague

One Work by Jan van Os


Jan van Os was christened in Middelharnis on 23rd February 1744. Some years later the painter moved to the Hague, where he received his artistic education with Aert Schouman. In 1773 he joined the Hague painter's guild Confrerie Pictura. Two years later he married Susanna de la Croix, daughter of the French portrait painter Pierre Frédéric de la Croix (1709−1782), who was deaf-mute like her father. Jan van Os made seascapes based on the models of Jan van de Cappelle and Willem van de Velde the Younger. However, he achieved particular fame with his magnificent, asymmetrically composed flower and fruit still lifes in the style of Jan van Huysum. His fame reached as far as England, where he exhibited his works at the Society of Arts in London from 1773 to 1791. Jan van Os not only created paintings, but also made drawings and watercolours. He also worked as a poet. Jan van Os died in the Hague on 7th February 1808.

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