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Paula Modersohn-Becker

Painter (female), Commercial artist (female) and Etcher (female)

1876 in Dresden
1907 in Worpswede

8 Works by Paula Modersohn-Becker


1888 moves to Bremen. 1892 drawing instruction under the Bremen painter Bernhard Wiegandt. Extended stay in London and study at the School of Arts. 1893-1895 teachers' seminar in Bremen. 1896 journey to Berlin. Additional training at the women artists' league, the Verein der Berliner Künstlerinnen. 1897 extended stay in Worpswede, where she comes to know Otto Modersohn. Trip to Vienna. 1898 moves to Worpswede; pupil of Fritz Mackensen. 1899 acquaintance with Gerhart Hauptmann. Travels through Switzerland and to Munich, Leipzig, and Dresden. 1900 travels to Paris, and studies at the Académie Cotarossi and the école des Beaux-Arts. Friendship with Rainer Maria Rilke. Meets Emil Nolde. 1901 marries Otto Modersohn. 1903 trip to Paris; visits the atelier of Auguste Rodin. 1906 atelier in Paris. 1907 returns to Worpswede.

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